The Big T is fishing pretty well right now. With flows about 22 cfs below Lake Estes, the water is clear and great for sight fishing. The best stretch right now is right is above the  Idewild Dam. For fly selection, use small (18-22) midges in black, purple, red, and any dark midge trailed by a heavier attractor fly to get them down. Use the strike indicator of your choice and place it 2-3 ft above your first fly. Scout obvious holding water for feeding fish. If you find an active feeder , tie on some 6x tippet,loose the indicator, and watch to see if the fish turns . Since the water is low, you will be able to see more fish than usual creating excellent sight fishing opportunities.


Fly Patterns:
-Black Zebra Midge
-Blood Midge
-Black Beauty
-Emperor Midge
All sizes 18-24