Alaska’s Bristol Bay has been known as one of the greatest salmon fisheries in the world. Commercial fishers alone harvest over 30 million salmon out of the bay annually. Some say the area is the most important fishing ground worldwide. Anglers make the journey up to Bristol from across the globe for phenomenal fishing for not only salmon but trout and char as well.
Recently, the government has debated putting a pebble mine into the bay, one of the last strongholds for many species of Pacific Salmon. There are some advantages of the mine but the disadvantages outweigh the good. The mine will provide money to the government with its rich amount of gold,copper, and molybdenum. Creating the pit will also give more people healthy jobs and feed families. Though there is some good to be found through this project, there are many more disadvantages.
Bristol Bay is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon species to congregate and spawn in its tributaries. The mine will devastate the natural ecosystem with many different factors such as dangerous mining chemicals, habitat destruction, and even blocking major spawning runs.Mining companies inconsiderately use chemicals that can cause severe damage to local plants and wildlife. Machines will ravage the natural habitat by demolishing the ocean floor to create the pit mine. This will disrupt the entire ecosystem and send it into an unfortunate tail-spin. Companies want to block off some of the major tributary rivers that provide the many species of salmon a place to naturally reproduce. Without a place to spawn, the fish populations will dwindle and sport-fishermen will not have the opportunity to try and catch wild Pacific Salmon as often.
Many people have decided to protest against the Bristol Bay Pebble Mine but the company still strives to break ground within the next decade. The mine would certainly cause an uproar from sportsman worldwide. This outrageousness must be stopped before it slays many innocent Salmonids.