The Baetis genus of mayflies are the most widespread of all the mayfly species and can be found on almost any trout stream in nearly any part of the world. There are endless variations of fly patterns that have been designed to replicate these small mayflies, but many of them are not very effective or durable… Ryan Newman created an outstanding fly pattern when he came up with ‘Camden’s Baetis’ which possesses all of the great qualities of a real emerging Baetis. Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 9.58.29 AM

Ryan incorporated all of the fishy triggers that a great imitation should have.A true baetis has a very slender body with a larger thorax The wire rib on the thread body adds excellent segmentation and looks very natural. Legs and a trailing shuck are important to any emerging mayfly pattern and the Zelon version of Camden’s Baetis covers all of the above…. To top it all off, a mercury bead (If you have ever fished with any of Pat Dorsey’s fly patterns you know that mercury beads on fly patterns can mean the difference between catching a few fish to a day with constant hook ups)at the head rounds out a very natural looking fly pattern.

Camden’s Baetis was very productive for me in my testing. I landed over 40 fish in about an hour during an intense hatch on Bear Creek. The original pattern using Pheasant Tail for the tail and legs landed a few fish but the Zelon version of the pattern really took most of the credit. I landed a fish nearly every cast and I can say that I am very pleased with both versions. I will definitely be stocking my BWO box with several sizes of these for future fishing opportunities!


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