Today, we are going to be talking about fishing pocket water and unlikely looking holding waters. I catch 80% of my fish in pocket water and riffles, but to succeed in this type of water you need to know how to fish it.
Since I compete and most competition rule books do not allow strike indicators, I almost always use a hopper dropper rig. That way, I can see what my flies are doing in the water. Also, a lot of fish in pockets will come up at a hopper just because it is shallow and they don’t waste much energy moving a couple inches for a great easy meal. Some flies I love for fishing pockets are Chernobyl Ant, size 12 followed by a Pheasant Tail, Hears Ear, Prince Nymph, an Egg, Midges, and any just about any other basic pattern for your dropper. If you want to fish a 3 fly rig, on the bottom use a small beadhead or unweighted midge size 18-20. The fish behind rocks in eddies will sit in the faster water and eat insects coming down. Take a few cast in toward the rock and move your way to the outside. You will be surprised how many fish you will catch in pocket waters using these tactics. Tune in next week to learn more about carp fishing in urban areas.
Tight lines,