Fly-fishing is not cheap. Trips can become outrageously steep as well. Here are a few tips on how you can spend more money at the fly-shop than at the convenience store.

1.) Food can quickly break your wallet on camping trips. You can save money and still have awesome meals on just about any type of fishing trip as long as you think open minded.

Ramen Noodles are an awesome food for your summer time adventures. They can be used for all three meals and even a snack food. Their incredibly affordable price is also a huge plus! With a wide variety of flavors (creamy chicken being my favorite) the possibilities are endless!

Oatmeal makes delicious and nutritious breakfasts that are quick and easy. In Montana, I even threw in a few wild strawberries that I would find around camp. This is an ultimate breakfast.

Deli Sandwiches are cheap and customizable. We always enjoy different types of sandwiches with billions of possibilities with condiments, meats,breads, toppings,cheese,etc. There is nothing better than a stream-side lunch with chips and soda too.

2.) Camping equipment from high end sporting stores will destroy your wallet easily. Many people have not discovered the magical wonderlands of Wal-Mart and Costco when it comes to decent camping gear.

We picked up some very nice backpacks last summer for a highly affordable price at Costco and they work perfectly.

The camping aisle at Wal-Mart is full of surprises. You can find anything and everything you need for just about any camping trip from back-country trips to long outfitted stays.

3.) Lastly, you can save on flies. Tying your own can save you some bank as long as your careful.

Nymphs are simple, effective, and cheap to tie. This has transformed me into a nymphing fanatic.
Most of my boxes I carry are filled to the brim with nymphs of all kinds.Before a trip, its always a good idea to check out some fishing reports ahead of time and make a box specific to the location. This makes it safer and easier to find patterns on the water.