Well, Spring is finally starting to show itself here in Colorado. The days are getting warmer,the ice is melting, and the rainbows are making their spawning runs. This past week, I was able to get out for a few hours and chase some fat little rainbows on a stretch of the South Platte River. The fishing was steady all week and I brought some nice fish to the net. Consistent patterns were black RS2 Emergers, small thread midges, 6mm TroutBeads, and pine squirrel leeches. Get in on some pre-spawn rainbow action on a stream near you!

This brown trout measured in at 23" long and is currently my personal best for this section of water. I guess those beavers are good for something, right?

This brown trout came as a huge surprise. He measured in at 23″ long and is currently my personal best for this section of water. I found him at the bottom of a pool at the head of a huge beaver pond.  I guess those beavers are good for something, right?




adventure pic

This hefty hen took a 6 mm Glow-Roe Trout Bead dead drifted in a deep pool.

unnamed (1)

The rainbows were hot and healthy, making long and powerful runs with lots of acrobatic action! This hen took me for a ride up and down an entire bend pool twice before I finally brought her to the net!

In the midst of all the action, I ran into a very special fish.  Originally, I had thought the fish was a sucker because it was sitting at the very bottom of a deep (about 5 ft) pool alongside several other dark shapes. I watched it move slowly back and forth, eating midge pupa as they left the river bottom to emerge into adults. I put on some heavier weight and drifted a size 22 red brassie variation near the fish, watched it open it’s mouth, and set the hook. As soon as it felt the pressure of the hook, it began headshaking violently and running around logs and sticks in the pool. Several pedestrians stopped alongside the trail to watch me net this 23″ buck Brown Trout. Years of fishing the DSP have finally payed off and I have landed this fish of a lifetime.

Along with the brown, we landed some nice rainbows using pegged egg patterns and an assortment of small midges.

This rainbow was sitting in a shallow side pool and took a size 22 black RS2 emerger.



I look forward to this coming season and the fish to come! So far, 2015 has been a big fish year for me and I’ve put plenty of nice fish in the net! Check back next week after I return from my first trip to the San Juan River, New Mexico.