Over the summer, I decided that I wanted to create a new hopper pattern that was of my own design that would catch fish. Lots of them. So I sat down at the bench and tied. Weeks of tweaking and adjustments left me with this beefy foam bug that is very very appealing to our adiposed friends beneath the surface….It fishes great as an indicator in a hopper dropper rig and will never sink.



Hook: Tiempco 200R #6-10

Thread: UNI Gel Spun 6/0 in Tan

Tail/Abdomen: Light Tan Foam

Underwing: Pearl Krystal Flash

Wing: Elk Hair

Rear Legs: Red Rubber Legs (Here I used Silli Legs although I do prefer Life Flex)

Front Legs : Tan Rubber Legs (same as before,  but it looks buggier with Life Flex)

Underhead: Tan Antron Dubbing

Head/ Carapace: Light Tan Foam folded over the dubbing and tied down in between the front legs.

Sighter: Orange Foam

(Optional) Eyes : Dot either side of the head with a black Sharpie Marker. I always add this step and honestly don’t know if it makes any difference.

Note: This fly can also be tied in a Light Pink or Yellow. Just change the color of the foam and the underhead dubbing.