Waterton Canyon can be a very tough place to fish in the summer time when the browns get picky after seeing just about every fly pattern known to man. This nymph was something I came up with after a long day of watching fish eat PMD nymphs during an intense pre-hatch period when thousands of bugs drifted down river before emerging. I collected a few sample bugs and brought them home. This was the result of that nights tying session…The next day I landed 44 browns in 3 hours.


Hook: Standard Nymph Hook #14-16

Bead: Tungsten Copper sized to hook

Thread: Tan UNI 8/0

Tail: Dyed Yellow Mallard Flank

Rib: Gold UNI French Wire Small

Abdomen: Mottled Yellow or Tan Nymph Skin

Wingcase: same Nymph Skin as used in the body

Thorax: Spiky Squirrel Dub in Natural dubbed loose and picked out to form legs.