There are many outstanding fisheries in the state of Colorado but few stand out as much as the Ark. does for us….This place can’t even be put into words. When your catching fish all day long with the average fish being 16″ long, you know that you are fishing a true trophy water that has been well maintained. I will admit that on the weekends, this place gets slammed with anglers (amateurs and experts alike), but if you get out there on a week day, you’ll have all the water you want to yourself for the most part…

Many people I know name the Arkansas the Winter Fly Fisherman’s dream come true. Locals told us that not a single day goes by in which the fish in this section are not eating dry flies…While this may not always be the most productive way of catching them on some days, it’s still an amazing thought. Nymphing the deep pools and runs of this river in early fall to pre-runoff early spring can produce some real pigs. Downsize your favorite midge and tailwater patterns and pull out the indicators because your in for some strong battles on this water. These are also some of the healthiest looking rainbows we have ever seen…


Hot Fly Patterns For The Arkansas:

#20-22 Crystal Bead Higa’s SOS

#20-24 Grey RS2

#22-24 UV Ice Dub Wing RS2

#14-16 Flashback Pheasant Tail

#18-24 Black Beauty

#18-20 Pueblo Emerger