The Blue River is a Gold Medal fishery and for good reason. These fish are pigs. Period. Catching a fish under 16 inches is rare and when you do, it’s still worth it.

Lake Dillon in Frisco hosts a large population of Mysis shrimp. These crustaceans are the key to the size of the fish below the dam. They absolutely gorge on these shrimp all day long. They are so full of nutrients, that the fish can grow up to 2 inches a month on a good year!

Many angler’s frequent this particular spot because of it’s amazing repuatation so it is a bit harder to fool these pressured trout. Fishing the area often requires 6x tippet and size 22 and smaller flies. People who invent their own patterns or tweak a well known pattern often do better because the fish are less likely to spook to something new.

Andrew and I did fantastic when we went on small midges and large streamers. If I can give any advise on what to use it would be to just think outside the box.

Next time your up in Summit county, give the Blue a try. Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch the fish of your lifetime.