Colorado’s High Country is home to many outstanding brooks and streams cutting through its rocky landscape. We just happened to stumble across one particularly amazing fishery when we decided to backpack into the Mount Evans Wilderness via the Abyss Trail head.  About 4 miles up into the thick pine and aspen forest, the trail cuts back to the stream where it crosses and continues up into the treeline of Mount Bierstadt. This is where we set our small camp for the night. I rigged up a hopper dropper and adventured up the river hitting small pocket water in between. The brook trout may be small but they are absolutely gorgeous! They are willing to take just about every fly you throw at them and aren’t picky whatsoever. I landed 44 brookies in a short amount of time before returning to camp to eat a dehydrated meal that was surprisingly delicious! All in all Scott Gomer is an excellent place to camp and you can still get a decent trout fix in all on the same trip.