Waterton Canyon is on fire! They recently stocked the lower deep pools and runs with rainbow trout fingerlings who are very willing to take most flies they can fit in their mouths…. We have landed amazing amounts of fish using a 2 or 3 fly nymph rig fished deep. I fish my indicator 7ft above a heavy splitshot three inches above my first fly which was either a Copper John or Tungsten Little Black Stone. 16 inches below that, I tied on a real flashy midge pattern such as a Red Hot Nymph or something like a Flashbacks Pheasant Tail. Another 16 inches of tippet led to a really small Grey RS2. This fly and the FB P-Tail were by far the most productive with about 90% of the fish taken on them. Flows are extremely low and the water is running clear so we actually can sight fish to actively feeding trout suspended in the water column using our rig. If you have a kid that’s itching to catch lots of fish with fairly little effort, I suggest taking em to the canyon!

Fly Patterns:

•#12-14 Copper John
•#12-14 Tungsten Little Black Stone
•#20 Red Hot Nymph
•# 18-20 Black Zebra Midge
•#14 Red Pearl Core San Juan Worm
•#14-16 Flashback Pheasant Tail
•#14 Eggs
•#22-24 Grey or Black Polywing RS2