The canyon is really starting to really heat up. Hatches of midges, caddis, and salmonflies along with the appearance of hoppers has got the fish all fired up and is making for some excellent fishing. The flows have hovered around 70 cfs. for a few weeks now and have been pushing some San Juan Worms and Cranefly Larvae through the system as well. The mornings are always midge time. I usually throw a two dropper rig off the back of a big foam attractor or hopper pattern or Czech nymph and both have been very successful. If you’re planning on catching a decent amount of fish, I suggest hitting the water on a weekday because the weekends bring some heavy traffic on the trail. As far as finding fish, think outside of the box. The fish move around throughout the day. In the mornings we usually see fish in the shallower riffles leading into the deeper pools and pockets. Around noon the fish drop back into the deeper water and especially like the calm water at the very end of the pocket. Early morning I start with a San Juan Worm up top and trail it with a smaller red midge pattern (#20 Red Zebra Midge) and then once I start to see caddis I switch out the midge for a caddis pupa pattern.

Dry Flies:

#6-8 Yellow or Orange Yeager’s Tantrum

#8-10 Chubby Chernobyl


#14-10 Red or Red/Pink Two Tone San Juan Worm

#12 Hotspot Caddis Pupa (Czech nymph style patterns with an orange band of thread behind a black bead work extremely well.)

#14-12 Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail

#16-12 CDC Beadhead Pheasant Tail

#22-18 Gray RS2

#22-20 Red or Black Zebra Midge

#18 Red Rojo Midge

#20-22 Blood Midge